Traveling Instrument Program

Since 1991 the Music Foundation of SW Florida has been sending sets of musical instruments to the majority of Lee County Public School elementary schools (5th grades) each year. Through this program students are able to have hands-on introductory experiences with band and orchestra instruments under the direction of their music teachers.  The purpose of this experience is to build interest and motivation for students to be part of a  band and/or orchestra in middle school and even play an instrument for a lifetime.


Thank you for your support!  We were able to purchase three groups of new instruments to rotate around our fifth grade classes this year. Going forward we will need ongoing donations for the repair of these instruments as well as perishable items such as reeds.

You can always donate a musical instrument.— we can repair them, if needed, and possibly use them in our Traveling Instrument Program or loan them

to students who are unable to afford rental or ownership.  In some cases after graduation the instrument becomes theirs.


Donation Total: $17,000.00 Plus as of  June 4, 2018 100% Plus of our goal of $17,000.00

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